Naoki Watanabe, Ph.D.


Graduate School of Business Administration, Keio University

4-1-1 Hiyoshi, Kohoku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 223-8526, Japan


Email: naoki50<AT> (replace <AT> with @)



<Academic Degree>

2003.8, PhD in Economics, SUNY at Stony Brook, USA

(committee: Yair Tauman, Pradeep Dubey, Thomas Muench, Abraham Neyman)



<Academic Positions Held>

2016.4-present:  associate professor, Keio Univ, Business Administration, Japan

2011.10-2016.3:  associate professor, Univ of Tsukuba, Eng, Info & Sys, Japan

2010.1-2011.9:  associate professor, Univ of Tsukuba, Sys & Info Eng, Japan

2006.4-2010.1:  assistant professor, Univ of Tsukuba, Sys & Info Eng, Japan

2005.4-2006.3:  assistant professor, Hitotsubashi Univ, Econ, Japan

2004.1-2005.3:  COE research fellow (post doc), Kyoto Univ, Econ and KIER, Japan



<Publications Written in English>

[1] gMeaningful Learning in Weighted Voting Games: An Experiment,ff

with Eric Guerci and Nobuyuki Hanaki, Theory and Decision 83, 131-153, 2017


[2] gThe Kernel of a Patent Licensing Game: The Optimal Number of Licensees,h with Shin Kishimoto,

Mathematical Social Sciences 86 37-50, 2017


[3] gA Methodological Note on a Weighted Voting Experiment,h with Eric Guerci and Nobuyuki Hanaki,

Gabriele Esposito, Xiaoyan Lu, Social Choice and Welfare 43, 827-850, 2014


[4] gCoalition Formation in a Weighted Voting Experiment,h

Japanese Journal of Electoral Studies 30, 56-67, 2014


[5] gAn Experimental Study of Bidding Behavior in Procurement Auctions with Subcontract Bids:

Profits, Efficiency, and Policy Implications,h with Jun Nakabayashi,

Proceedings of SICE, IEEE Xplore, 1202-1207, 2011


[6] gBargaining Outcomes in Patent Licensing: Asymptotic Results in a General Cournot Market,h

with Shin Kishimoto and Shigeo Muto, Mathematical Social Sciences 61, 114-123, 2011


[7] gQuality Adjusted Prices of Japanese Mobile Phone Handsets and Carriersf Strategies,h

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[8] gStable Profit Sharing in Patent Licensing: General Bargaining Outcomes,ff

with Shigeo Muto, International Journal of Game Theory 37, 505-523, 2008


[9] gThe Shapley Value of a Patent Licensing Game: Asymptotic Equivalence to

Noncooperative Results,ff with Yair Tauman, Economic Theory 30, 135-149, 2007


[10] gLicensing Agreements as Bargaining Outcomes: General Results and Two Examples,h

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[11] gA Note on the Profit Distribution among a Manufacturer and its Retailers,ff

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[12] gOn the Neutrality of Coalition Formation in a Pure Bargaining Problem,ff

with Haruo Imai, Japanese Economic Review 56, 352-362, 2005.



<Referees for Papers Written in English>

Games and Economic Behavior, Economic Theory, European Journal of Operational Research,

International Journal of Game Theory, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics,

Review of Industrial Organization, Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade,

Japan and the World Economy, Japanese Economic Review, Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics



<Courses Taught>

Information and Decision Making (MBA), Management Science and Decision Making (MBA),

Management Science (MBA), Game Theory (G), Game Theory: Applications (G), Industrial Organization (G),

Microeconomics (U), Statistics (U), Programming (Java, U), Information Literacy (U), Contract Theory (U),

Law and Economics (U), Economic Experiments (U), Introduction to Multi-Agent Simulation (artisoc, U),

Public Economics (U)



Studentsf Presentation Slides (Management Science, 2017, in Japanese)

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group7, group8, group9, group10, group11, group12


Data (Management Science and Decision Making, 2017)



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